Good News!

There ARE alternatives to the constant outlay of money to upgrade MS products to “the next best thing” and to the constant fear of viruses and malware and hackers stealing your identity.
There is no need to pay money for bloated Office suites where you don’t use anything like 25% of the functionality. Why PAY for all that stuff you don’t use?
Do you worry that your computer is NOT yours? Do you worry about licenses, whether you will be able to re-activate your expensive product if you upgrade (say) your Motherboard?

Forget all this! Have REAL peace of mind knowing that no outside body will ever own your computer again, that there will be no “persecutions” for unlicensed software.

The answer?

Linux and Open Source Software.
Contrary to what many people think and are told by vested interests,  for the AVERAGE user Linux and Open Source software is VERY easy to use, easy to install and above all, SAFE.
On average it takes 30 minutes to install an entire operating system, with ALL the applications you will need to immediately be up and running – Web browser, Email, and a FULL Office suite that is more than equal to most tasks you can throw at it.

What more could you want?
One of the most popular of Linux versions can be found here:

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