Back to Ubuntu!

Having got a new laptop in March last year (Lenovo U410) with UEFI, and Windows 8 (now 8.1) I am going back to Linux as my every-day operating system.
Windows 8+ is very good IMHO but the revelations of Edward Snowdenconcerning the NSA and GCHQ snooping on all sorts of things has made me think about open source, email signing, and moving away from Microsoft and its cloud service Skydrive.
I already use Wualaas my secure Cloud service, and find that open source email clients like Thunderbird are far easier to set up with email signing and encryption than Outlook.
Using Duckduckgosearch engine instead of either Bing or Google means less tracking as well.
Libre Office has just released version 4.1.4 – continues to grow and refine with every release thus really making MS Office redundant – I do have a copy of Office 2010 installed on my Windows partition just in case….;-)
Of course once the move is made away from MS Office then the rationale for using Microsoft Windows also disappears.
On another security issue, using Linux as your operating system when accessing the internet via public wifi is far better than using Windows especially if you aren’t able to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) of any sort.
Happy and safe and secure computing in 2014!
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