Now using Xubuntu on my Acer Aspire

Well I’ve played with Ubuntu, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Technical Preview builds 9926 and 10041, and certainly Windows 10 doesn’t cut it for me, apart from the fact that it has Bitlocker encryption built in. However, I wouldn’t get that natively when (or if!) I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 when it’s released – I would have to pay £99.99 for the Pro upgrade first.

So I’ve decided, certainly for the life of this machine, to stick with Linux, and probably Xubuntu, as that version seems to make a good balance between performance and battery life, and functionality.

It also comes natively with full disk encryption.

There are certain things I’ve done after the install, and here’s a list for those interested:

  1. Update
  2. Set up printer
  3. Sync Firefox
  4. Set up System Sounds (see here for more info)
  5. Set up Thunderbird with:
    1. Lightning
    2. Lookout
    3. Enigmail
    4. SoGo Connector required for OwnCube addressbook sync)
    5. Owncube Calendar, Tasks and Addressbook
  6. Install OwnCloud desktop sync client
  7. Copy data from ext drive to Home folder
  8. Set up OwnCloud sync
  9. Install latest LibreOffice
  10. Install Shutter from the Ubuntu Software center. (Shutter is a screen shot taker and picture editing application)

OwnCloud is a secure open source file storage system, and depending on the host is pretty cheap. (It costs me €1.50 per month for 20GB which is plenty for me). I use OwnCube, which is based in Europe, so hopefully is immune from the NSA. It provides me with Caldav and Carddav access to Contacts, Calendar and Tasks which I can sync across my two laptops and my Android phone and tablet.

All I’m looking for now is a European Mail provider as an alternative to gmail and!

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