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Disk Encryption and Data security revisited

Now as public WiFi spots are proliferating in coffee shops, hotels and various other public places, the use of laptop computers in those places is also increasing dramatically – along with the possibility of machine theft. A simple User password

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Now using Xubuntu on my Acer Aspire

Well I’ve played with Ubuntu, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Technical Preview builds 9926 and 10041, and certainly Windows 10 doesn’t cut it for me, apart from the fact that it has Bitlocker encryption built in. However, I wouldn’t get that

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Webcam woes Resolved

Installed the latest version of Ubuntu – 12.04 LTS. Installed Skype and discovered that my Microsoft VX1000 web cam WORKS! Both microphone and webcam. So full marks to Ubuntu for that! I now only have Windows on my machines for

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Webcam woes again, but not so bad!

Interestingly I decided to see if my Microsoft Lifecam VX1000 would work on Ubuntu 11.10. The microphone worked fine in Sound Recorder, but the camera barely worked in Cheese ( a very grainy image) and neither the webcam nor the

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Webcam woes!

The one thing stopping me so far from converting entirely to Linux is webcams!I have a Microsoft Lifecam VX1000 which will show images in Cheese but neither the camera nor the mic will work in Skype in Ubuntu or Mint and it’s

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