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Installing Ubuntu on new Acer Aspire E3 112

Purchased a very nice Acer Aspire E3 112 a week or two ago, and immediately decided to dual-boot Ubuntu. Well, what a performance! Not being a novice at installing Ubuntu on UEFI Windows 8 machines, I thought it should be

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Alternative computing is getting better and better!

Two major releases recently.Linux Mint has released version 11 – if you want a “windows-like” alternative experience then this may be the one for you.Looking at it, it seems very slick and dare I say it, more Windows than Windows!

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How to get help with Alternative Computing

There’s a wealth of help available out there if you do decide to try alternative computing and run into trouble. (I have to say that unless you try bleeding-edge software or have esoteric hardware then you shouldn’t need a lot

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How to try alternative computing without changing to a new operating system – Part 1

That’s right – There are alternatives to proprietary and costly applications such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop that you can try as an alternative computing experience. The first thing you can do on your journey is to try is some

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A Gentle Transition!

Dubious about replacing your old familiar Windows? Worried that you’ll need to follow a steep learning curve? Then don’t be. You can make the transition gradually. All the applications that I would recommend that you use on Linux, are available

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Good News!

There ARE alternatives to the constant outlay of money to upgrade MS products to “the next best thing” and to the constant fear of viruses and malware and hackers stealing your identity.There is no need to pay money for bloated

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